Unoccupied Home Insurance

You need top protection when you're not around

An Unoccupied Home Insurance policy is needed when a property is vacant for more than 30 days. In addition, it must not be used as a holiday home. Moreover, finding cover can be difficult and costly. Indeed, there are insurers that would not insure a home in such circumstances. This is mainly due to the potential liability exposure, acts of vandalism or fire. There are several situations where you need Unoccupied Home Insurance such as:

  • The owner of a property may have passed away
  • The owner could be taken into residential care
  • The owner is a landlord who is having difficulties in filling the property with tenant(s)
  • The owner wants to sell the house and has no intention living in it
  • The owner is moving away or emigrating for a long period of time (typically several years)
  • The property has just been built and is ready for occupancy in the near future

At Top Insure, our dedicated team of qualified advisers are at hand to discuss any issues that you may have regarding the above, and will strive to get you the best deal possible whilst taking your specific circumstances for cover into account.