Flat Roof Insurance

Flat Roof Insurance

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Flat Roof Insurance is not as straight forward as you think

Does your property have a flat roof? What percentage of the roof is flat? Does your broker know? These are important questions about insuring homes with a flat roof. This is because standard policies do not provide cover for flat roof properties. As a result, you need a specialist Flat Roof Insurance policy. Generally speaking, an insurance advisor asks if the property has a flat roof. And, if you answer ‘yes’, there are three things the advisor will seek:

  1. The year of construction
  2. The materials(s) used to make the roof
  3. Date of replacement (if ever)

Brokers certainly offer cover for some properties with flat roofs. In particular, in cases where a flat roof makes up less than 25% of the building, there seems to be no problem. But, if this figure goes beyond the 25% mark issues arise. By and large, the insured risk is too much. But, there exist brokers who have specialist policies for flat roofs. Yet, you will have to pay more than usual. On top of this, you will also have restrictions on cover.

But, there must be help out there?

In fact, many broker websites may not give you a quote for properties where the majority of the roof is flat. Where websites offer quotes for such properties, examine the quote carefully. In particular, people should note the quote’s terms of conditions before accepting cover. This is due to not having a potential claim honoured. Take the example of somebody who makes a flat roof leak claim on a standard policy. As the flat roof was never noted under the policy, the insurer is not obliged to honour the claim. This is because the policyholder did not declare that the property had a flat roof.

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