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Holiday Home Insurance

As leading insurance brokers, Top Insure takes the stress out of searching for the best holiday home insurance.

Holiday Home Insurance Ireland

Investing in a holiday home gives you a place to escape to for regular fuss-free holidays and mini breaks, as well as providing an extra source of income if you choose to rent your property out. Whatever purpose you use your second house for, you’ll need holiday home insurance to cover your property against loss, damage, and potential legal action from paying guests.

Insure your professional interests

If you run a business from home, specialist home business insurance is essential for ensuring that you are covered for the contents of your office and any loss of money, as well as public liability, and employer’s liability if you have staff working for you. If you’re running a business from your dwelling you should already have standard home insurance; however, this won’t cover you in the same way as a business insurance policy tailored to your personal needs.

Our Home Insurance Benefits

We offer an amazing range of home insurance benefits for landlords as standard. We will cover your building and its contents against a range of perils such as fire, theft, accidental damage, burst pipes, flood, just to name a few.

Home business insurance from a broker you can trust

In some cases, insurers offer limited cover for business activity from your home. The nature of your business may mean that some insurers are less inclined to cover you, or will charge higher premiums. Business activities such as traditional office-based business, hobbies and crafts, and sales reps are typically favoured over activities including the retail of products, woodworking, and vehicle repair.

If your home is also the home of your business activities, you certainly want assurances that it’s properly insured. As specialist brokers, Top Insure have access to a range of insurers who offer enhanced home insurance policies that will cover you for business activities at your dwelling.

As a result, homeowners can carry out commercial activity in their home. In effect, this policy is the best of both worlds; on the one hand, you have all the benefits of a standard home insurance policy, whilst on the other hand, your home business also has many benefits of commercial insurance.

We cover many types of businesses like home salons, hairdressers as well as general office use; so whether you are planning to start a business from home, or you’re already running a business and unsure about your current cover, contact us for top advice today.