Listed Buildings Insurance

Listed Buildings Insurance

If your property is over 100 years old such as a period building, you need specialist cover from our experts.

Listed building insurance in Ireland

As the owner of a listed building it’s vital that you take out a comprehensive insurance policy to cover the building against any potential damage. Due to the nature of a listed property, i.e. it being an old building, many of them are more vulnerable to damage, especially fire damage, and are typically more costly to repair. As a result, some insurers charge much higher premiums for listed building insurance, and some refuse to insure period properties altogether.

Safeguard the historical charm of your listed property

As a leading home insurance broker, Top Insure is able to provide comprehensive listed buildings insurance policies, tailored to your individual needs thanks to our network of specialist insurers. We offer a number of listed buildings insurance services including:

  • Personal Cover – when listed properties are used as personal homes
  • Rental Cover – when the property is rented out as one or home or multiple apartments
  • Business Cover – when the property is used as office units or to run a business from home
  • We are also in a position to offer cover for properties that are over 100 years old.

Comprehensive policies to suit your needs

Every policy we write ensures the safeguarding of not only the unique structure of such historic buildings, but also protection on contents of historical value to the building. Such items include antiques, works of art, and jewellery. Most important of all, we’ll make sure your policy has the most comprehensive cover and benefits for peace of mind; and we’ll do this while getting you the most competitive premiums in the Irish market.
These properties have decades, or even centuries, of history and are costly to repair should the worst happen; that’s why it’s vital you talk to Top Insure today. We advise that you contact us by phone or by clicking on the ‘Call Me’ button below.