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Tommy Power

Tommy Power

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Highly competitive insurance premiums for landlords with multi tenure properties

Continuing our commitment to ‘niche’ insurance markets, we are delighted to announce our latest product: Multi Tenure Insurance. This is a special form of insurance where a group of tenants, both residential and commercial, rent out partitioned sections of a building. A simple example of a multi-tenure property is a residential property that has been converted into several apartments.

What is the main risk posed with Multi Tenure Insurance?

It basically boils down to the fact that you have more than one party renting out space within the one building. This complexity is even more evident if there is a collection of different businesses or a mixture of commercial and residential tenants involved. In the case of commercial units, varying opening hours and the nature of their business adds even more risk.

Is this cover still considered ‘standard’?

In one word – no. This is due mainly to reasons explained above regarding the complexity of each multi tenure property. As a result, there are many insurers, along with brokers, that tend to avoid offering quotes for this type of cover. But it doesn’t mean that getting cover is hard. You just have to find the right people to help you – like us!
We work hard behind the scenes to create strong relationships with our network of  insurers, especially those who specialise in ‘niche’ insurance products. This means we can offer our customers more choice should they ever need it. For this type of cover, we have a particular provider that will offer cover but a separate policy will apply for each apartment or unit (subject to a maximum amount of 4 per building).

Talk to Top Insure today

To avail of this cover, please call us today and ask to speak to a member of staff about getting a quote for Multi Tenure Insurance. If you’re not in a position to call us, no sweat! Simply leave a quick message on our Contact Us page, select ‘Multi Tenure Insurance’ and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

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