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Insurance for high performance vehicles

A high performance car is one which has been specifically designed and built to increase its speed quickly and handle higher speeds better than standard vehicles. Some examples of performance vehicles are the following:

  • Two-seater coupés
  • Sports cars
  • Cars with fuel-injected engines

Due to their increased engine size and power, and the likelihood of them being driven fast, high performance cars are often more at risk of being involved in an accident, and they can also be a target for vandalism or theft. If a performance car gets damaged in any way, replacement parts can be expensive and will typically require specialist labour to repair; and if the car is written off there’s usually a high cost in replacing it.

It is because of these risks and the cost involved in repairing and replacing this type of vehicle that the cost of high performance car insurance is typically higher than a standard car insurance policy. Some insurers won’t insure performance vehicles at all, so it can be difficult for the owner of a powerful car to find a company that will cover them.

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