Need Home Insurance for your house that’s over 100 years old? We can help!

100 years old house
Tommy Power

Tommy Power

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Great premiums and cover available for period properties
Getting Home Insurance for a property over 100 years old in Ireland isn’t easy. Many insurers don’t offer cover for such properties. This leaves you with a limited choice of insurers to get the right cover. Insurers consider properties over 100 years old as ‘Non-Standard’ and are willing to accept at standard terms. As a result, the premiums are much higher for these older properties.

Even though you are faced with a higher premium than a ‘standard’ property, you don’t have to restrict your cover to save money. As a leading insurance broker in various niche markets, we have strong relationships with specialist insurers who offer tailored cover for your property. Once the property in question has been rewired, plumbed and roofed within the last 80 years, we can help you today!

Indeed, we have one insurance provider in particular that will rate the property from when these works were carried out which means our rates are the best out there (this offer excludes listed/protected structures). Why put yourself through the bother of shopping around for expensive quotes? Simply contact us today!