Home Insurance Benefits

Top Insure offers premium insurance benefits for your home and property policy

Top Insure has agencies with over 15 insurers for Home Insurance products. As a result, we find top products that suit your needs. Benefits vary from insurer to insurer. But, whether you are looking for standard or extensive cover, rest assured we have a product for you. With this in mind, here is a list of standard Home Insurance Benefits we offer customers: Buildings Cover comes as standard with Home Insurance. It covers the reinstatement costs of your buildings in the event of loss or damage. Generally speaking, the word ‘buildings’ also includes other structures. For example, the following structures are also considered part of buildings for the purpose of cover
  • Outbuildings
  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Kitchen Units
This benefit covers any household goods or personal possessions kept in your home. It covers the contents of the policyholder or a member of the household. The amount of cover can be set at a specified level. There is also the option to set the amount as a percentage of your buildings sums insured. This percentage varies between insurers. For example, one insurer starts from only 10% of buildings. Therefore, if a person insures their home for €100,000, their contents cover is then €10,000. A standard policy also provides a range of covers for certain events. Both your buildings and its contents are insured in the event of loss or damage as a result of fire, theft, burglary, burst pipes and storms.

And that’s not all!

Trace and Access Cover pays for costs relating to tracing the source of damage caused by a leak. In some cases, the source of the leak can be hidden. As a result, this may involve moving or replacing building structures in order to pinpoint the problem. Covers your buildings and contents in the event of any loss or damage as a result of flooding. While Flood Cover is standard for most policies, there are some exclusions. Because of this, certain insurers will not cover properties in areas with a history of flood damage. For example, Flood Cover is often not offered in cities like Cork, Limerick, and Dublin. Subsidence is difficult to define. For the purpose of insurance, it relates to the movement of the site on which a building stands due to unstable foundations. Again, insurers can apply exclusions to certain policies. In particular, areas heavily affected by subsidence are not covered. However, Top Insure will advise if your property is located in such an area. Public Liability covers your legal liability for costs, damages and other expenses incurred as a result of injury, accident or disease due to members of the public while on your property. On the other hand, Domestic Employers Liability provides similar protection for any employee who works in your home.