Home Insurance Add Ons

Better home insurance protection with our add ons

There are many Home Insurance add ons available. These benefits can be added to your existing policy with Top Insure. So why not top up on cover? We have a range of add-ons for current customers like:

Key Protection

This standalone policy is quite useful. It protects both your house and car keys in the event of loss, theft, and damage. Not only does this policy has no excess, it also does not affect your No Claims Bonus on other policies if you make a claim. In addition, the policy also covers costs arising from alternative transportation and car hire due to lost, stolen or damaged car keys.

Add Specified Items

All Home Insurance products offer limited cover for items like jewelry within your property. But sometimes that is not enough. If you want some extra peace of mind, you can get Specified Items cover for all your valuables at their full value. As a result, these items will be covered for the full value of the item in the event that it is lost, damaged or stolen while you are outside.

Accidental Damage

Accidental Damage cover is available as an option on all Home Insurance packages. In particular, this cover is available for both buildings and/or contents. Accidental Damage is especially relevant when there has been a household accident. For example, a claim can be made if a TV was accidently knocked over and ended up being damaged beyond repair or if a carpet was replaced due to paint damage. Claims such as these often result in an average payout of €1,000. Therefore, it is important to add this extension only if it suits your needs.