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When you buy your own home, home insurance is absolutely essential for peace of mind and financial security. It can protect you in various disasters and mishaps, from perils like fires and storms, to crimes such as vandalism. In the worst case scenario, your policy can cover the rebuild cost of your home. Home insurance isn’t optional either. All mortgage providers will insist you have it before they’ll lend you so much as a penny.
But not all homes are one and the same. In Ireland, there are a huge variety of houses that require specialist insurance cover. From the country’s 1500 thatched cottages, to the timber frame houses that make up 25% of the new build market, there are plenty of situations where bog-standard insurance just won’t cut it. On top of this, certain property usages also require a different level of insurance. These policies include landlord insurance, holiday home insurance and self-build insurance.
This can all get pretty confusing, and home insurance is definitely not something you want to get wrong. It can save your home if catastrophe strikes. That’s why we’re here to help at Top Insure. We pride ourselves on helping you get the best insurance for your specific needs, at the best possible premium.
We’ve put together this infographic to guide you through the details of specialist home insurance. It will help you find the right policy, and get the level of cover you need for total peace of mind.

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