Accidental Damage Cover: what is it and is it worth it?

Tommy Power

Tommy Power

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As the name suggests, Accidental Damage Cover provides protection against accidental damage to either your home’s contents or buildings. Insurers offer this cover as an add-on so it’s not something that’s standard on all Home Insurance policies. Despite this, it is worth getting for peace of mind alone as you’d never know when you could end up needing it. It is most beneficial if you’re ever unfortunate enough to have any DIY mishaps in the home. Some examples include:

  • Spilling paint on a carpet
  • Hitting a pipe while drilling through a wall
  • Hammering a nail through wiring
  • Putting a foot through an attic

Some insurers also allow for cover against unintentional damage to electrical equipment like TV’s, DVD players, laptops, desktops etc. Other also grant cover against glass damage to contents such as furniture and mirrors. Without cover for any of the above scenarios, you would end up paying for the repairs at your own expense, regardless of the cost.

It sounds great. How do you get Accidental Damage Cover?

A good broker will always offer the choice to avail of Accidental Damage Cover. Of course, you are not legally obliged to have it. But it gives a lot of benefits that we’ve just mentioned. You’ll also be surprised at how much it only costs. Most insurers charge an additional percentage – normally 10-15% – on top of your current premium to add Accidental Damage Cover to a Home Insurance policy.
However, should you already have taken out a policy without cover, don’t panic! Simply get in touch with your current insurer over the phone and get it added to your policy. If you are in this situation, remember to ask your insurer about the specifics of their Accidental Damage Cover.
While this information is available in the insurer’s policy document, there’s no better substitute than asking for advice from a qualified professional. Indeed, any adviser or a good insurance broker (like ourselves) will have no problems in addressing any concerns you may have, especially if your policy is coming up for renewal.